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New Antenna Technology

Out of sight antennas, Jul 23, 2010

The Yacht Technologies division of Selex Communications, a part of the Finmeccanica group, has announced the launch of their Integrated Antenna Solutions (IAS) to the superyacht market.

Antenna masts are just one aspect of yacht design that are not easy to make aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However, IAS is set to influence the future design of superyachts as the new technology allows for all antenna technology to be concealed within the physical body of the yacht. "Even on the largest superyachts, space for antennas and sensors is limited", explains John Hodder, Head of SELEX Communications Yacht Technologies. "Both performance and aesthetic considerations influence how and where they can be located. As innovators in superyacht technology, we wanted to bring something to our customers that offers designers the opportunity to create superyachts with clean lines, without limiting performance in any way, IAS offers the ideal solution."

When asked about this new technology for the industry, James Carley, Senior Designer at Bannenberg & Rowell commented: "It would be great, if they can make it real and make it work." Carley explains that if a designer were able to shape a single dome so that it worked in harmony with the design of the yacht, it would help the overall look and design of the yacht. The idea of combining all the various satellite and antenna domes into one space would be a great step forward in his opinion, but he is cautious of the idea due to the potential for interference when all the technology is under a single dome.

Selex claims that the IAS overcomes such issues as interference between multiple antennas when transmitting and receiving by combining several antennas, operating on different frequencies, into a single aerial without affecting performance. The new technology will allow for the designing of bespoke antennas for covert installation, such as hiding the antenna in the cowling of the yacht.

"We have considerable experience in IAS across a wide range of platforms", concludes Hodder. "We have been working closely with designers and shipyards to implement this technology in naval applications for more than a decade, so we can guarantee success."

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